YBC National Championships

Organizing Committee

Brenda Dottermann, London
Bowl Ontario Tenpin, President

Carol Skillings, Woodstock
Bowl Ontario Tenpin, Vice-President/YBC Chair

Karen Labord, London
Bowl Ontario Tenpin,  Administrative Assistant

Host Centre - Woodlawn Bowl, Guelph

Bob McKay

Zone Representatives

Zone 1

Maureen Cooper, Windsor

Zone 2

Maureen Cooper, Windsor

Zone 4

Rick Pulver, Barrie

Zone 5

Lou Vigna, Belleville

Schedule of Events

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Woodlawn Bowl
253 Woodlawn Road, West, Guelph



Opening Ceremonies


Bowling Competition (6 games)

Closing Ceremonies & Award Presentations

Competitor's Information

Dear Zone Champion:

Welcome to the 50th Annual Provincial Finals of the Youth Bowl Canada National Championships. You can be proud of your achievement and we hope that you will represent your Zone and Home Bowling Centre in a manner befitting a champion.

A total of 96 youth bowlers will be competing at the Provincial Finals to determine the six (6) bowlers (1 per age division and category) that will represent Southern Ontario at the National YBC Tenpin Championships in Calgary, Alberta from May 3 to 5, 2020, with travel dates being May 2 and May 6.

While the level of pressure and exhilaration will no doubt be very high, here are a few important rules to remember:

  1. All competitors will bowl 6 games.
  2. Any unusual behavior, incident or medical problem should be reported to a Tournament Official IMMEDIATELY.
  3. There is zero tolerance for foul language and gestures.
  4. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, or the use of any non-prescribed drugs or stimulants will not be allowed AT ANY TIME.
  5. Competitors are responsible for the marking of correct scores. After each frame each competitor should make sure that the automatic scorer has recorded the proper score. Any dispute must be reconciled before play is continued, by calling the Judge of Play. Scorekeeping by spectators will not be taken into consideration. Please notify the Judge of Play immediately if any errors occur with the scorer.
  6. During the competition, bowlers must be ready to take their turn without having to be called. Bowlers may not leave the playing area unless permission has been received from the Judge of Play or a Tournament Official.
  7. Bowlers are expected to obey all rules of Youth Bowl Canada and adhere to the fundamentals of good sportsmanship conduct.
  8. Violation of any rule could mean immediate disqualification and/or suspension.


YBC National Championships - Provincial Round

March 2, 2019 - Bowlerama Royale, London & March 3, 2019 - C&D Lanes, Woodstock

YBC National Championships - Provincials

Schedule of Events - 2019

Format, Rules & Regulations

Six (6) games will be bowled by all competitors. Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions will be awarded to the first, second and third place finishers in each age division and category (Boys and Girls) based on total scratch (no handicap) pinfall. All Provincial Champions (Gold medal recipients) will advance to the National Championships held May 5 – 7, 2019 in Laval, Quebec.

General Rules

  1. Registration & Fees - It is the responsibility of each competitor to register 1/2 hour prior to the scheduled starting time (see Activity Schedule). All applicable fees for bowling will be paid by Bowl Ontario Tenpin.
  2. Substitutions or Replacements - In the event of sickness or absence affecting one of the Provincial qualifiers, the runner-up bowler of the Zone Finals will become the replacement. The Bowl Ontario Tenpin office must be advised if a competitor knows in advance that he/she will not be able to compete in the Provincial Finals so that move-ups can be arranged. Once a qualifier has been replaced, he/she cannot return to bowl in any subsequent step. If a bowler takes sick, is injured or is absent at any time during the Provincial Finals, only legally bowled frames will count.
  3. Proof of Age – Competitors are required to bring along some documentation proving their date of birth. While the Tournament Committee may not check each competitor, they will definitely check the winners. Anyone found to be competing in the wrong division will be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.
  4. Dress Rule - Competitors and coaches must be attired in a YBC identified bowling shirt*.*A YBC identified bowling shirt shall be any garment, regardless of style, make, fabric, or colour that covers the upper portion of the body, providing one (1) of the following graphics is screened or embroidered on the shirt: The official YBC logo, the name of the Bowling Centre or Youth Bowling League. Please note that tank-tops, or other garments that do not fully cover the upper body are not permissible.Dress pants, dress shorts (not more than 3" above the centre of the knee), dress skorts or dress capris may be worn. Yoga pants and skirts cannot be worn separate but may be combined. Jeans, sweat pants, track or track type pants, cargo pants or shorts, or leggings WILL NOT be allowed. If, you are unsure it is advisable to bring a pair of dress pants. All athletes will be checked and can be disqualified at any time for not adhering to the dress code.Hats, caps, or any other headgear, unless required for medical or religious reasons will not be allowed.
  5. Practice - Practice between games will not be permitted.
  6. Alternate Lanes - Bowlers must use alternate lanes for each frame of a game and move to the next assigned pair of lanes after each game. Bowlers should remain in their seats until it is their turn to bowl and should be ready to take their turn without having to be called.