YBC Hi-Low Doubles Championships

Age Divisions

BANTAM (boy or girl): 11 years of age and under at Aug 1, 2019
JUNIOR (boy or girl): 12 through 14 years of age at Aug 1, 2019
SENIOR (boy or girl): 15 through 21 years of age at Aug 1, 2019


Average Date October 26, 2019 (minimum of 12 games played)
Entry Deadline February 3, 2020
League Qualifying Round and/or House Finals October 26, 2019 - January 26, 2020
Average Date for Zone Finals (Adjusted Average) January 26, 2020
Zone Finals February 22 or 23, 2020
Provincial Finals Sunday, March 22, 2020 at Jeff's Bowl-O-Rama in Welland

Entry Fee

All registered YBC bowlers are invited to compete in the League and/or House Qualifying Round of the YBC Hi-Low Doubles Championships providing they pay the entry fee of $4.00 (awards fee) plus $2.00 (scholarship fee).  A League MUST submit a minimum entry fee of $60.00 plus $2.00 per bowler in order to advance teams to the Zone Finals.  ie:  you have 10 entries & 10 bowlers you would submit $60.00 plus $20.00 for a total of $80.00, if you have 20 entries & 20 bowlers you would submit $80.00 plus $40.00 for a total of $120.00.  Please note that House Champion awards are discontinued this year.  Any dollars not used for awards will go towards the scholarships.

Optional Qualifying Procedure

Each Program Director has the option to decide whether to conduct a league qualifying round or advance those who have entered the tournament directly to the House Finals providing the following conditions are adhered to:


  1. All registered YBC bowlers who have paid the $6.00 entry fee ($4.00 awards fee & $2.00 scholarship fee) are eligible to compete in the League and/or House Qualifying Round.


  1. Averages to be based on a minimum of 12 games played at October 26, 2019.


  1. The highest average bowler in the league in each of the 3 age categories is to be paired with the lowest average bowler. The second highest average bowler is to be paired with the second lowest average bowler and so on, until all of the bowlers have been paired.


  1. In the event that an odd number of bowlers entered the tournament, the last highest average bowler is to be paired with the remaining lowest average bowler.




Number the Bowlers from 1 to 21 according to their average with the highest average bowler being #1.  The #1 bowler (highest average) is paired with #21 (lowest average).  The #2 bowler is paired with the #20 bowler, and so on.  This will leave the #11 bowler without a partner.  This bowler shall now be paired with bowler #10 thus giving bowler #10 two (2) partners.  Should this scenario be the case, the #10 bowler would not have to pay another entry fee.


NOTE:  Should both teams qualify to advance to the House round, the replacement bowler must be the highest average bowler in order of finish in the round.

YBC Doubles - Provincial Finals

March 31, 2019 - Bowlerama Royale, London

YBC Doubles Remittance Form

Download the house qualifying round remittance form or fill it in below on the page.

The League Qualifying Round will take place during regular league play from October 27, 2019 to January 26, 2020 and will consist of the first twelve (12) consecutive games.  The top 50% of the teams who have entered in each division (Bantam, Junior & Senior), who have beaten their combined average by the most pins (or closest to their team average) shall advance to Phase 2, the House Finals.  In the event of a tie for the last qualifying position, the team beating it’s average by the most pins in the final week shall receive the higher placing.  Bowl off scores are permitted.  However, if a bowler who has paid the entry fee misses a game or games, 95% of the bowler’s average shall be used as a substitute.

All advancing teams from the League Qualifying Round will compete in the House Finals to be completed by Sunday, January 26, 2020, with the exact date and time to be set by each bowling centre.


Three (3) games for all divisions with the team(s) who have beaten their combined average by the most pins, (or closest to their average) in each of the three (3) age divisions advancing to Phase 3, the Zone Finals.


To provide an incentive for centres with large entries in the tournament, a league has the option of advancing additional teams to the Zone Finals based on the following ratio:

  • 1 to 5 entries per division – 1 team will advance
  • 6 to 10 entries per division – 2 teams will advance
  • 11 to 15 entries per division – 3 teams will advance
  • And so on in increments of 5


In the event of a tie for the final qualifying position, the team beating its average by the most pins in the final game shall advance to the Zone Finals.  Each bowler competing in the House Finals is required to pay the prevailing lineage as determined by each centre.


At the conclusion of the House Finals, please complete and submit the remittance form along with payment to the Bowl Ontario Tenpin office or email to tournaments@bowlontariotenpin.ca.  Please be sure to note on the remittance form each bowler’s average as at January 26, 2020.  In addition, ALL BOWLERS MUST BRING PROOF OF AVERAGE TO BE SUBMITTED FOR VERIFICATION, they may also be sent with the remittance.


NOTE:  Bowl Ontario Tenpin now accepts Interac E-Transfers to payments@bowlontariotenpin.ca, it has been set up for automatic deposit, so a security question and password will not be necessary.




The advancing teams in each of the three (3) divisions will compete in the Zone Finals to be held on either Saturday, February 22, 2020 or Sunday, February 23, 2020.  In case of conflict the Zone Finals can be changed to one week prior or one week after the specified date above, provided Program Directors are given at least 60 days advance notice.


Three (3) games for all divisions will be played.  The team who beats their combined average by the most pins, (or closest to their average), in each of the three (3) divisions shall be declared Zone Champions.  Zone Champions will receive a Zone Champion award and scholarship.  Each team competing in the Zone Finals is required to pay the applicable lineage based on $4.50 per game per bowler (HST included).

All Zone Champions will compete in the Provincial Finals of the Bowl Ontario Tenpin YBC Hi-Low Doubles Championships to be held on Sunday, March 22, 2020, at Jeff's Bowl-O-Rama in Welland.


Four (4) games will be bowled with the team scoring the most pins over their combined average being declared Provincial Champions.  The three (3) top teams in each division will receive a Provincial Champion award and scholarship dollars will also be awarded at a minimum to the 1st place team,


Teams must submit proof of average as at March 15, 2020 to the Bowl Ontario Tenpin office

Rules & Regulations

  1. The Bowl Ontario Tenpin YBC Hi-Low Doubles Championships is open to all Youth Bowlers who are registered with YBC.


  1. YBC members must compete in the Bowling Centre where they are registered unless a transfer prior to the entry deadline has been approved by the Bowl Ontario Tenpin Board.


  1. YBC members are not permitted to enter this tournament more than once.


  1. ALL general playing rules of the Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF) will be in effect where YBC rules are not specified.


  1. AVERAGE ADJUSTMENT – Bowler averages will be adjusted at each the Zone & Provincial Finals. If current average is higher than previously submitted.  Bowlers MUST provide proof of average at each phase.


  1. Scores and averages of all winners at any phase of the competition will be checked and authenticated. Any falsification or misrepresentation of score and/or averages, knowingly or unknowingly, will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.


  1. In the event of a tie or ties at the Zone or Provincial Finals, a one-game roll-off MUST be held using the pins-over-average system to determine the winner(s).


  1. SUBSTITUTION – Should a member of a team be unable to advance for the League to House, House to Zone or Zone to Provincial, the replacement bowler must be the next eligible bowler (who has paid the entry fee) in order of finish in the League/House round, providing he/she is of equal average rating (High or Low) as the bowler being replaced. A bowler, who for any reason vacates their position on a team, forfeits the right to return to the competition.


  1. PROTEST RULE – Protests at any level of the competition shall be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director immediately upon the infraction. If, no satisfactory decision can be reached at this point, the protest is to be submitted in writing to Bowl Ontario Tenpin within forty-eight (48) hours of said tournament


  1. DRESS RULE – The dress rule at the House Level is at the discretion of the Program and / or Tournament Director(s), to be clearly announced a minimum of two (2) weeks prior. Competitors and Coaches at the Zone Finals must be attired in a YBC identified bowling shirt* or a shirt with a collar.  Bottom portion is relaxed, no track / jogging pants, no jeans with rips, tears or holes and non-revealing shorts or skirts.  It is intended that bowlers will be modest and respectful. The Dress Rule for competitors at the Provincial Finals will differ, please make sure that your bowlers that advance are made aware & that they read the rules prior to the event.  We have had bowlers at the Provincial Finals who did not adhere to the Dress Code and whose parents needed to go buy pants in order for them to compete.


No hats, caps or any other type of headgear, unless required for medical or religious reason.


*NOTE:  A YBC identified bowling shirt shall be any garment, regardless of style, make, fabric or color that covers the upper portion of the body, providing one of the following graphics is screened or embroidered on the back or front of the shirt, and providing the shirt is issued and / or approved by the Bowling Centre:  THE OFFICIAL YBC LOGO or THE NAME OF THE BOWLING CENTRE or LEAGUE.


Bowlers who fail to adhere to these rules may not be allowed to compete.


  1. In case of dispute, the decision of the Tournament Director and / or Committee shall be final.

Please Participate!

Conducted by: Bowl Ontario Tenpin

Telephone: 226-268-8536
E-Mail: Karen@bowlontariotenpin.ca

All payments to be submitted to

Bowl Ontario Tenpin, c/o Bowlerama Royale
2086 Dundas Street
London, ON N5V 1R2
Attn: Karen Labord

Interac E-Transfers:  payments@bowlontariotenpin.ca

YBC Doubles Remittance Form

Average Sheets MUST accompany this form.

    Number of Entries

    Total Entries @ $5.00 per entry:

    Total Amount Enclosed (minimum of $50.00):

    Advancement Ratio

    7 - 12 Entries* = 2 Teams
    13 - 18 Entries* = 3 Teams
    19 - 24 Entries* = 4 Teams
    *Entries per age Division

    Pee Wee Team #


    Bantam Team #


    Junior Team #


    Senior Team #


    Upload Average Sheets: