Teen Masters


Singles Scratch Event in two (2) division, girls & boys. 6 games will be bowled with the top 4 in each division advancing to step-ladder finals.

Date & Time

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Registration - 12:00 noon, Start - 12:45 pm


Entry Fee

C & D Lanes

265 Main Street

Woodstock, ON

Registered YBC Bowlers - $75.00 per bowler ($36.00 lineage, $2.00 expenses & $37.00 prize fund).

Non-Registered YBC Bowlers - $100.00 per bowler ($36.00 lineage, $2.00 expenses, $5.00 YBC Affiliate Membership Fee (Teen Master Only) & $57.00 prize fund).

Prize Fund

North American Championship Entry Fee (approx. $500.00 CAD/bowler) and a portion of travel expenses.

Rules & Regulations

1) Open to all Junior & Senior bowlers 19 years and younger at July 5, 2024. Youth do not need to be bowling in a youth program to be eligible.
2) Must be an amateur bowler. Members of the PBA and/or PWBA are ineligible.
3) 6 games will be bowled with the top 4 in each division (male & female) advancing to the stepladder finals, with the first place position needing to be beaten twice.
4) Only 1 bowling ball plus a spare ball will be allowed for the tournament. Your spare ball can only be used as a second ball & under no circumstances can it be used as your first or strike ball. The altering of any bowling ball may be done during practice but will not be allowed at any time including between games once game play has started. The lane pattern will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance.
5) Bowlers may introduce a second bowling ball into play if the Tournament Director determines the original ball has been damaged beyond repair through normal use in the bowling centre. A bowler who intentionally damages or destroys their bowling ball will be disqualified.
6) Because the Teen Master believes that variations in ball motion are the responsibility of the bowler, wrist supports containing plastic, metal or pads are prohibited. Gloves that do not contain rigid metal, plastic, or a pad are allowed. Wrist tape is allowed.
7) Bowlers with the athletic ability to switch from right to left or left to right may do so at any time during the competition.

8) Out of respect for our host centre and to prevent damage to the lanes, lofting the ball past the arrows is not allowed. A warning will be issued on the first occurrence. If, additional infractions occur, the bowler will receive zero pinfall for the second infraction and will be disqualified and removed from the competition for the third infraction.
9) The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking or vaping of anything or the use of any non-prescribed drugs or stimulants will not be allowed AT ANY TIME
10) Competitors are responsible for the marking of correct scores. After each frame each competitor should make sure that the automatic scorer has recorded the proper score. Any dispute must be reconciled before play is continued. Scorekeeping by spectators will not be taken into consideration.
11) Competitors, family members and coaches are expected to display good sportsmanship and mutual respect at all times throughout the competition. Those failing to do so may be immediately excused from further participation.
12) DRESS RULE – Competitors must be attired in a collared bowling shirt. Bottom portion is relaxed, no track / jogging pants, no jeans with rips, tears or holes and non-revealing shorts or skirts. It is intended that bowlers will be modest and respectful.
No hats, caps or any other type of headgear, unless required for medical or religious reason.

The North American Championships will be held at Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Centre in Orlando, Florida from June 29 to July 5, 2024. For more information:
Teen Masters Bowling | Bowling (teenmasters2024.com)
Some of the above rules are based on what will or will not be allowed at the Championships in June / July.


EMAIL ENTRIES TO: tournaments@bowlontariotenpin.ca

PAYMENTS MAILED TO: Bowl Ontario Tenpin
46 – 1110 Meadowlark Ridge
London, ON N6M 0H4
Attn: Karen Labord


E-TRANSFER TO: payments@bowlontariotenpin.ca