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What is Bowl Ontario Tenpin?

Bowl Ontario Tenpin is a not for profit association comprised of member bowling centres from across Southern Ontario that offer the game of tenpin bowling.

Who is eligible to join?

Membership is open to bowling centres operating for use by the general public.

Why become a member?

Members have the ability to influence their industry by attending both the Provincial and National meeting of members, or play a key decision making role by volunteering on the Board of Directors.


As a member of Bowl Ontario Tenpin you have access to a number of programs and membership services that can help improve your business.

What Our Members Say

Few lines from some of your industry peers.

When I took over Playdium Lanes in 1980 the previous manager told me to maintain involvement with BPAO. I attended my first convention the following summer and immediately began benefitting from the programs as well as a sorely needed education on the business side of bowling. I credit that education and the shared knowledge of fellow proprietors for my 35 year longevity in this 10-lane centre.

Mariano Meconi

Playdium Lanes, Windsor - Member since 1980

As a center that does not solely rely on organized league bowling, we find our relationship with Bowl Canada and Ontario to be indispensable. In no particular order, we benefit in the following ways: A recognizable voice that represents our interests at the Provincial and Federal Levels. Advertising initiatives, utilizing the power of our numbers. Networking Ideas, services, and promotions with other member centers. Helps us recognize trends in the entertainment industry to stay current in the marketplace. Educational seminars at our annual meeting. Various National and Provincial tournaments and events help inspire bowlers to higher levels. All association levels are professionally run, and the respective staff members have been very helpful.

Tom England

NEB’s Fun World, Oshawa – Member Since 1988

Being a member of the associations that support your business is essential. The programs that Bowl Ontario and Bowl Canada offer are an asset to us. Of course there is the Youth program, but also the adult programs as well. Being a business owner and working countless hours every week, it's important to get together with peers and share frustrations and successes. Many ideas get tossed around at conventions and I always come home with a fresh, new perspective and ready to start a new season. The office is also ready to help with any questions I might have. I can't imagine not being a part of Bowl Ontario.

Lee Hanley

Georgian Bowl, Collingwood - Member Since 2006