About Us

Who We Are

Bowl Ontario Tenpin is a not for profit association comprised of member bowling centres from across Southern Ontario that offers the international game of tenpin bowling. Our members choose to belong to the association in order to gain access to the various benefits and programs we offer, which assist them in improving their business and provide the best possible experience for their customers.

Core Values

Transparency, Success, Opportunity, Dependability, Commitment, Accountability, Development, Efficiency, Integrity, Growth, Competency, Professionalism, Credibility, Pride, Potential, Informative, Teamwork, Approachability, Stability.


To be an essential source of mentorship and communication to all tenpin member centres and their participants across Ontario.


To provide the opportunity to increase profitability to all member tenpin centres across Ontario.

Our History

In 1963 the BPAO (Bowling Proprietors of Ontario) formed what is now Youth Bowl Canada, with the first national championships for 5 Pin being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1965 and for 10 Pin in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1971. Since its inception, the Ontario Division of the YBC has been a dominant force on the National stage. With over a half a million registered bowlers since its founding, the Ontario Divisions of Youth Bowl Canada is a shared experience that connects generations and communities.

In 2015 Bowl Ontario restructured into two separate associations to better serve their Member Centres and participants that take part in these very distinct types of bowling, our Canadian Heritage Game of 5-Pin and the International Sport of 10-Pin.

The Board

Karen Labord

Karen Labord

Administrative Assistant

Carol Skillings

President & Treasurer

C&D Lanes, Woodstock


Robert Langelaan

Vice-President & YBC Chair

Fairview Lanes, St. Catharines


Dave Skillings


C&D Lanes, Woodstock